General Questions

Ānuenue Travels brings expertise and order in an industry where the amount of options teeter on the brink of chaos.  By booking with a travel company you get piece of mind in knowing that we are making sure you are getting the exact experience for what you want to pay.  It can be simply booking flights or utilizing our comprehensive booking service – either way, and for everything in between, we have your best interest in mind to make sure you have a wonderful trip. 

If you already have a vacation in mind – great 😊 fill out our travel booking form here and we will be in touch with next steps within 24 hours.  If you aren’t sure of where you’d like to go, take a look at our Trips page to see our packages or to get some inspiration for your next vacation.  If you’d like to utilize any of our additional Travel services, please email us at and one of our travel mentors will be in touch with you within 24 hours. 

All our current deals can be found on our home page. 

We will publish hot fares there weekly. 

We can book a trip for you anywhere that you desire.  Our specific areas of expertise that we can provide the best recommendations for currently are: Japan, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Bali, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and all 50 US States.  This list will grow as we continue to build new trips for our customers.  For locations that you want to visit immediately that are outside of what is listed above, we will do our best to work with local experts to make sure you have an amazing vacation. 

It depends on your situation.  If you need to make immediate reservations for travel within the next few hours or days, we can help you (if that is the case – call our hotline directly at 808-XXX-XXXX).  Or on the flip side if you want to book a vacation with as much time as possible, we confirm flights 11 months from your departure dates as that is normally how far out an airline publishes their route schedule.  If you want planning advice in any other service, we can start whenever you are ready and as far out as you desire.

Payment and Miscellaneous Travel Questions

All payments will be processed via XXX.  You can check out by following the onscreen prompts and entering your payment information.

The carbon offset fee is our way of being responsible and doing our part as a company to protect the world we live in.  100% of the fee collect from your booking goes to XXXXX to Save XXXXX.  You can find out more about this fee, and why we add it to all bookings here.  

Right now that is not an option.  We are working to partner with more companies soon, so please check back when we book your next trip!

For international Travel – Yes!  For Domestic travel within the United States, no, a state ID will be enough.

That depends on the country that you wish to travel.  For visa information please visit here for more information or reach out to us directly at

If you are from the US and have a cell phone through a US carrier, chances are that your cell phone will work in all 50 states.  Though all services are different and we recommend that you partner with your cell phone service provider for exact details.  If you are traveling internationally, I would also recommend contacting your cell phone provider for exact details based on the plan that you have.  For a short tip sheet on other options while traveling visit our travel services pages to read our guide of options.